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Rev. William Chirnsyde 1567 1572 5yrs Transferred to Luss, Dunbartonshire
Rev. John Davidson 1574 1591 17yrs Died
Rev. John Brown 1591 1593 2yrs  
Rev. William Boyd A.M. 1593 1594 1yr Transferred to Glenluce, Stranraer
Rev. John Sangstare 1594 1609 15yrs Died, transferred from Glassford
Rev. John Heriot M. A. 1609 1636 27yrs Lived to the great age of 90 years following semi-retirement. (Gravestone)
Rev. Hew Mitchell 1636 1653 17yrs  
Rev. James Hamilton M.A. 1653 1662 9yrs Refused to “conform” to Episcopalianism and was deprived of his living by Act of Parliament 11th June 1662;ratified by Privy Council on the 10th October the same year,( See Annals of Blantyre)


Rev. Richard Brown 1662 1663 1yr Transferred to Biggar
Rev. James Berrie 1663 1666 3yrs Translated to Aberdeenshire, finally ordained to the Parish on the 26th April1666 and continued until his death in April 1678 at age 59.
Rev. George Leslie A.M. 1679 1689 10yrs From Aberdeenshire. Last of Episcopalians in the Parish. Evicted from Manse at Revolution.


Rev. Robert Landesse 1690 1702 12yrs Irish Minister , straight from six weeks prison in Edinburgh for “nonconformity”
Rev. Matthew Connell 1704 1720 16yrs Known as “Mass Connell” due to the way he conducted public worship. Translated to East Kilbride, (see Annals of Blantyre for fascinating history of families rise to fame.)
Rev. Richard Henderson A.M. 1722 1769 47yrs Died in his eightieth year. Buried in the Kirk Yard. (Gravestone)
Rev. Henry Stevenson 1773 1808 35yrs From Presbytery of Irvine, died in his seventieth year.
Rev. John Hodgson M.D. 1809 1832 23yrs The Doctor died suddenly on a visit to Edinburgh at the age of fifty two.
Rev. James Anderson A.M. 1832 1843 11yrs Having joined the Secession and signed the deed of Dismission, he was declared no longer a Minister of the Church.
Rev. Samuel Paterson 1843 1860 17yrs Strange coincidence; the two Ministers in the Parish, Mr Anderson and Rev Paterson, lay dead in their respective manses at the same time; and within a few hours lay side by side in the old graveyard. (Gravestone)
Rev. Paton Gloag D.D. 1860 1871 11yrs Translated from Dunning. Transferred to Galashiels. (Photos)
Rev. Stewart Wright 1871 1887 16yrs Author of the “Annals of Blantyre”, and the man who gave us such a unique look into our past
Rev. Charles Turnbull M. 1887 1934 47yrs  
Rev. Archibald MacKenzie M.A. 1934 1951 17yrs  
Rev. James O Welsh MC. BD. 1951 1957 6yrs  
Rev. George M Dale MA. BD. 1957 1971 14yrs  
Rev. John Notman BD. 1971 1976 5yrs Died 1976
Rev. John Silcox BD. 1976 1984 8yrs  
Rev. Peter O Price CBE. BA. 1985 1994 9yrs  
Rev. Rosemary Smith 1997 2008 11yrs  
Rev. Jim Zambonini 2008     Interim Moderator